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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Every kitchen renovation is unique, but successfully navigating the process from the initial design consultation to breaking ground does not work without a general structure. Our in-house team of architects, kitchen designers, and interior designers has developed and continues to refine our process.
We often get asked about the steps that go into a successful bathroom remodeling project. Inside, we have addressed three topics: bathroom design, bathroom permitting, and planning and executing a successful bathroom remodel

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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
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Residential Additions 

Home additions in the bay-area have long been popular remodeling projects as they’re typically the most efficient way to add living value. However, building an addition is a major construction project and a solid foundation of research, planning and preparation is critical. Inside, we’ve outlined the design process and the key things to consider when undertaking a home addition project.

Residential Additions, Windows, and Doors

Landscape, Hardscape, and Concrete

landscape design is our specialty. We offer complete design-build solutions for all types of landscaping projects, from patio construction to garden design. We tailor our designs according to the client’s needs, wants, and budget, keeping an open line of communication to ensure our work meets their approval. 

Designed Backyard
Landscape, Hardscape, and Concrete Work
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Complete House Remodeling

Starting a full home renovation is an exciting prospect. Our clients typically have been thinking about the remodel for a long time, are anxious to get going, and have plenty of ideas, wishes, and hopes for the renovation, but also a lot of questions. Inside, we answer some of those most frequently asked questions.

AC Systems, Insulaton, and Roofing

Accessory Dwelling

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are now permitted in most residential zones in the District of Columbia. Basement apartments, in-law suites, converted garages, and detached “tiny homes” all fall under the umbrella of the term ADU. Inside, we discuss some important considerations when contemplating the design and construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Interior and Exterior Painting
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